Recruitment Process

Our interviews are formal, it is important that we gain as much information as possible about the candidate so that we can assess suitability and best find the work that fits their skill set. We will ask questions about their previous work experience, their aims for the future and the type of work that they are looking for.

We send off for a minimum of 2 references, which should cover a minimum of 5 years.

Initial training
Depending on the training that the candidate have completed prior to commencing with Pure Ability, the candidate will be booked on mandatory training courses. Some of these will need to be completed prior to starting work, and other courses will be booked on a quarterly bases.

Ready to Go
Provided the details outlined above come back satisfactorily, the candidate will then be approved to work. We provide all staff with a handbook and any necessary additional equipment depending on the client group that they are working with.