Gelareh Naeinian


Being born into a family that has a wide international network of businesses that spans across the world, Gelareh has cemented her current roles not just as a director of the main family business but also a series of other businesses that she formed or helped form. Her various language capacities and tertiary educational background have grounded her well for her continuous progress and future development. Gelareh has been working with PARS International, family business operating in Australia , China, Malaysia, USA , the Middle East and Australia since 2002 and is now a director and principal of PARS (since 2011). Gelareh is a director and founder for a number of businesses including: RPM Consulting Services, Pure Care Services as well as Pure Ability (a human resources company for the disability sector). Prior to that she managed and help children disability organisation Cerebral Palsy Alliance, a charity organisation, while continuing her education. Gelareh has also helped and provided consultancy to many businesses wanting to trade with China and the Middle East as well start-up business in Australia. She worked closely with some on the development of their business plans and appropriate implementation.